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© 2014 Cowles Tool  | 185 N. Four Mile Run Road, Austintown, OH 44515  |  330-799-9100  | Privacy Policy

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If you are currently using Carbide knives and looking to increase productivity or reduce cost, look no further than Cowles Tool as your new supplier.  We can offer many options to customers who currently use carbide in their applications, whether you prefer solid carbide cutting tools or would like to explore the cost saving option of carbide inlay knives, Cowles Tool can handle any of your individual requests.  


At Cowles Tool we use the finest carbide available and can offer  the highest precision tolerances in the industry. We are confident that once you see the Cowles Tool difference you’ll be our customer for years to come.

Carbide Knives

Carbide Inlay Shear Blades

Produced with an inlay of high quality carbide, our shear blades can be fabricated up to 208 inches in length.  As with all Cowles Tool carbide inlay products, they are brazed with silver solder by our experienced staff, thoroughly examined by our ISO 9001:2015 certified inspectors to insure dimensional accuracies.  These blades also allow our customers to realize the full benefit of carbide, but at a fraction of the cost of solid carbide blades.


• Manufactured from start to finish in our facility in Ohio

• Longest carbide inlay in the industry

• Unmatched ability to manufacture and maintain close tolerances, flatness, and parallelism for

carbide inlay blades


Carbide Rotary Knives

If you are experiencing problems with wear resistance look no farther than Cowles Tool solid carbide slitter knives.  These knives are manufactured to provide customers with more wear resistance than any other material currently available, and reduce the frequency of sharpenings that other tool steel knives require.  Since you will reduce the rate of regrinding, the knives will last significantly longer than their tool steel counterparts.


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