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© 2014 Cowles Tool  | 185 N. Four Mile Run Road, Austintown, OH 44515  |  330-799-9100  | Privacy Policy

Cowles Tool  


If your operation depends on machinery to cut, slice, granulate, chop, trim, grind, slit, or palletize any material … you can depend on Cowles Tool.  We pride ourselves in providing the size and type of industrial knives and tooling to suit your individual needs.  


We understand that each company has it’s own specific needs and challenges, that’s why at Cowles Tool we work with our customers to provide solutions not just products.  

Industrial Knives

Sheeter Knives

If you are in the paper cutting industry, and demand an exact cutting edge on your knives, our Sheeter knives cut and wear like no other blades in the world.  With our various manufacturing capabilities and our ISO Certified inspection process, you can rest assured that Cowles Tool will manufacture a knife to provide a cutting edge that you’re looking for, while offering unparalleled wear resistance in the industry. These knives are constructed specifically for the exact needs of the material being cut, and are also produced to meet extremely tight tolerances and parallelism.


• Available in high speed steel, carbide inlaid, & ceramic inlaid

• Applications include alkaline, carbonless, and heavy coatings

• Less Dust Formation

• Consistent Quality Cuts

• Examples of Cutters served: Beck, Beloit, Bielomatik, Black Clawson, Cameron,

Cerutti, Clark-Aiken, E.C.H. Will, Hamblett, Hobema, Jagenberg, Lamb-Grays, Lenox,

Masson-Scott, Maxson, Moore & White, Pasaban, Rosenthal, Tidland, Voith,

Wartsila, Strechan-Henschaw & more.


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