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© 2014 Cowles Tool  | 185 N. Four Mile Run Road, Austintown, OH 44515  |  330-799-9100  | Privacy Policy

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Since we manufacture many of the products you currently use, we also understand that maintaining and servicing your existing knives, wear parts, and tooling is of the upmost importance.  That’s why we offer many different services to help keep your tooling in the best condition possible, we believe that the purchase of the new tooling is just the first step in the life of your parts.  


Since at Cowles Tool we manufacture the tooling you currently use, that makes us a natural choice to maintain them throughout their existence.  How long your tools last is a decision… Yours!


Sharpening & Regrinding

• OD Regringing

• Side Grinding - Edge Trimmer Knives

• Rubber Stripper Rings

• Shear Blades

• Scrap Chopper Knives

• Shims

• Size Tracking & Inventory Management

• Next Day Delivery (when required)

Recondition Existing Tooling

Consider modifying your existing slitter spacers into new sizes with like new tolerances and specifications. This reconditioning process usually offers significant savings compared to buying all new spacers.

Re-Tip & Re-Grind

We offer an outstanding re-tip and re-grind service, which allows us to offer our customers a reconditioned blade at considerably less cost than purchasing a new blade. Whether you need carbide for your blades or need any of your carbide tooling/wear parts serviced, Cowless Tool can handle these demands, while offering the highest quality service and shortest turnaround times in the industry.

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